Loeb Partners Realty LLC has been engaged in the acquisition of individual properties and/or investment portfolios for over 60 years. Our professional expertise centers on locating, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of quality income producing and development property.

Prior to making an acquisition, Loeb Partners Realty carefully evaluates the potential investment’s structure, pricing, current and historical operations, cash flow, environmental and engineering condition, and most significantly, the property’s potential for appreciation in the marketplace.

After the acquisition has been completed, Loeb Partners Realty will arrange for day-to-day management, provide asset management including a complete review of the property’s operations and financial reporting, and supervise renovations and releasing programs. We will promptly identify problems that may arise, in addition to recognizing opportunities and benefits to be realized through the timely exchange or refinancing of the property.


Value enhancement is one of Loeb’s core competencies. Asset-specific leasing strategies are developed and continuously updated, including the positioning of the asset in the marketplace, identifying suitable prospects creating customized marketing strategies and tools, and managing all the steps associated with the leasing process. To achieve these goals we hire experienced professionals who are committed to being the best.

Advisory and Asset management

Loeb Partners Realty is positioned to manage and render advice with respect to all of the major property types. The firm maintains a network of offices and direct affiliations throughout the country to assist in assembling current local market information, identifying investment-grade property and quality value-added situations, and assisting in the day-to-day management of real estate assets.

Loeb Partners Realty has a very strong presence in office buildings, shopping centers and multifamily residential properties, as well as in assisted living facilities, industrial properties and land development. Loeb Partners Realty has invested in and managed across the spectrum of property types in many different markets over the past several decades. The common denominator underlying our portfolio is a search for and our ability to enhance the real economic value of the property with “hands on” asset management and with the constant comparison of the relative advantages and opportunities available in different property types and markets.